Looking For Storage Furniture? Try These Dual-Use Pieces

When buyers come to our store to look for storage furniture in Las Vegas, they usually have traditional storage options in mind. They want to see chests, dressers and bookcases. What they do not expect when they arrive at Walker Furniture is the immense variety of dual-use storage furniture we have to offer. Dual-use furniture allows the owner to make more than one purpose out of the piece, saving floor space and minimizing clutter.


Chest Beds

Sometimes our sales staff ask customers what they like to put in their beds. The question, we admit, can be a bit baffling. When homeowners are accustomed to trying to fit aftermarket storage tubs under their beds, they have no idea how nice it is to have storage built into the bed. However, a chest bed might be exactly what someone needs. Imagine a bed with a number of drawers built-in. This eliminates the need for an additional chest of drawers or dresser.



The basic storage bench is poised to take over home décor as the most versatile piece in the room. Benches can be placed almost anywhere, take up very little space and offer an ample amount of storage underneath. Savvy homeowners use benches to reduce clutter in the foyer or mudroom, break up a larger room with additional seating, and provide a little extra storage space in the bedroom. With drawers or cubbies underneath, people can decide what kind of storage is best for their needs.



Storage ottomans provide a comfortable yet sensible addition to the living room. Ottomans traditionally are padded and upholstered on top, a perfect place to put feet up after a hard day. Inside, a storage ottoman offers everything that the relaxing homeowner could need, from magazines to couch pillows and even bedding for guests staying on the sofa sleeper or futon.

The trick to finding the best storage furniture in Las Vegas involves locating pieces that serve more than one use. Chest beds, benches and ottomans provide room to relax, without sacrificing floor space needed for storage. With the selection at Walker Furniture, our customers are sure to find simple solutions to their home storage problems.

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