Buying a New Mattress? Here's a Checklist

People should consider purchasing a new mattress every 8 years or sooner. However, most adults extend the need to buy mattresses in Las Vegas indefinitely, sometimes for several decades. By the time they are ready to go shopping, they have no idea of what is now available on the market. At Walker Furniture, we offer a wide variety of brands and styles of mattresses, from inexpensive to high-end. With this guide, our customers will know what to consider before they come to us to Walker Furniture.



Unlike many other technological innovations in mattresses over the past 20 years, the size of mattresses has not changed much. Consumers can purchase mattresses in various sizes including:



Our customers often ask us the difference between a King and a California King. In our stores, California King mattresses are 4" longer and 4" shorter in width. We recommend that shoppers consider the benefits of purchasing a Queen or King mattress as a split, to allow each side to have the ideal firmness.


Comfort Level

Everyone has a different preference on the type of support they would like in their mattresses. Mattresses that are available in many comfort choices from extra firm as well as Eurotop, pillow top or plush. We suggest that prospective buyers come to our store and test several mattresses, to get a feel for the best mattress for them.


Mattress Components

We get a lot of questions about our memory foam mattresses, and why they are so popular. Viscoelastic memory foam is designed to protect against impact and return to its shape once the pressure is released. People often prefer memory foam because it feels like they are sleeping on a mattress that molds itself to their bodies. It is best to try out beds made from different materials before purchasing. 

At Walker Furniture, we know that our customers long for a good night's sleep on a wonderful new mattress. By looking at the different sizes, comfort levels and mattress components of mattresses, buyers ensure that they get precisely what they are looking for.

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